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Fukai no Yami
ギルガメッシュ Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Fukai no Yami' by these artists:

girugamesh [KAZE] ni mau oto... yurari yurari Tsubusareta risei to i…
Girugamesh/ギルガメッシュ [Kaze] ni mau oto... Yurari yurari Tsubusareta risei to ishi…
ギルガメッシュ~Girugamesh~ [Kaze] ni mau oto... Yurari yurari Tsubusareta risei to ishi…

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Comments from YouTube:

Account Inactive

It's been nearly 12 years already... If you're young and reading this, enjoy youth even if times suck. I'd give anything to go back and hang out at the mall in my stupid wannabe gear.

Dante LAN-I-ER

3:32 This gets me every time. He screamed his soul out of his mouth.


I still remember the time when this has no dislikes. Time really flies...


Who thinks he has the sexiest scream?


sexy ??? thats soul not sex

Snehil Rana

44yoshida me, that's how I want him to scream while he fucks me

Alexander Montoya

#1 band forever and more. love you girugamesh


Owari to mirai and Fukai no yami are my favorite :~] i love girugamesh :D the best j-rock


This song is so beautiful, that it almost hurts listening to it T_T

Cheshire Lithium

so am new new to girugamesh and i think i like them! anything i should listen to? i really loved crying rain and i think its my fav !!

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