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Go My Way
by 三代目 J Soul Brothers

We have lyrics for 'Go My Way' by these artists:

Gordon Lightfoot Go my way and I'll be good to you Go my…
Krokus Here today and gone tomorrow Yeah, that's the way that it…
Robin Trower Now you think your life is drifting. The hope you had…
Tom Beck If you go my way We might be gone forever And if…
Transmatic I meet people every day That talk the same and think…
矢井田瞳 Go my way 歌手 矢井田瞳 作詞 矢井田瞳 作曲 矢井田瞳 何してんだろう こんなはずじゃないだろう 自転車…

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R.Y.U.S.E.I. Let the stars shine Make your stars bright Let the stars s…

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