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光田康典 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 光田康典:

Radical Dreamers 幼い手につつんだ ふるえてるその光を ここまでたどってきた 時間のふちをさまよい さがしつづけてきたよ 名前さえ…
予感 どうせ 嫌われるなら 思いきり 嫌われたい 飾り立てた そのやさしさよりも 一つの真実(ほんとう)が 聞きたい いつ…
海と炎の絆 Your fingertips moving gently to my heart The force of life…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Brandon Cornwell

@Laura Intrevia

Technically, I feel that this performance of the song was played really well. There's a few parts that I felt could have been performed better (the very end of the wind intro feeling cut off prematurely, the guitars seeming to overwhelm everything, the muted violin), but it has the melody, the rhythm, the percussion, etc. Technically, it's appropriate and has all of the elements.

However, I can't help but agree with the OP of this thread that it lacked something very, very intrinsic to the core of the song. Like, when I hear the original, no matter if it's the one off of the CD (or the ROM), or if it's the VGO rendition of it, I literally get goosebumps. My arms are covered in teensy little bumps, and my scalp feels like it's got an electric current through it. My pulse quickens, my breathing quickens, everything in me is completely and totally consumed by the music. I've listened to that performance easily two, three hundred times, and it's the exact same as it was the very first time; it's absolutely electrifying and spellbinding.

This one doesn't get that reaction from me. I tap my foot, but I don't instinctively feel compelled to drum my hands along with the rhythm. I don't feel like I need to stop what I am doing and devote my full attention to the song to hear every note. The ending of the VGO performance is, as mentioned, drawn out and leaves you feeling pumped, expectant, ready and waiting for more. This one has such an abrupt end, it feels like it was cut off before it was supposed to be.

I do not feel that this is the fault of any of the musicians at all; you all have more skill with any instrument than I will ever have, and I am in awe of the skill it takes to do such a thing. I feel that, if anyone is to 'blame' for the lack of feeling for this song, it would be whoever adapted it for this particular performance (because there were some significant changes) and whoever conducted it. It's like they didn't have the passion and respect for this song that it needed, that i craved in order to be what it was meant to be, yaknow?

In any case, you are 100% correct, this song is amazing and beautiful, and the performance in which you participated is commendable. Please don't take anything I've said as me coming down on any one specific musician, least of all you, of course, but more that something in the composition, something in the final assembly of it all, was missing. That's why some of us feel that this recording falls behind others of the same song.

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H Koizumi

I remember hearing this theme for the fist time back in the late 90s when I picked up Chrono Cross and from that moment on I knew this game was gonna be a journey. Still to this day it give me the chills when I listen to it. Because of this, I started listening to classical music and now that became my main genre to listen to.


Im jealous of u experiencing it in the 90s I was a baby back then; must have been incredible







カイネ 救済は負けてないと思う。





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Edson Aguilar

One of my favorite RPGs I would listen to this song over and over and tear up because it was just so beautiful.

clean ak


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