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We have lyrics for 'Humanoids' by these artists:

tvxq [Max] It’s time, it’s time. It’s time! Here we go! Uril…
TVXQ!(東方神起) [Max] It’s time, it’s time. It’s time! Here we go! Uril kka…
TVXQ!(동방신기) [Max] It’s time, it’s time. It’s time! Here we go! Uril kka…
TVXQ(東方神起) [Max] It’s time, it’s time. It’s time! Here we go! Uril kka…
동방신기(TVXQ) [Max] It’s time, it’s time. It’s time! Here we go! Uril kka…

We have lyrics for these tracks by 동방신기:

Balloons 지나가버린 어린 시절엔 풍선을 타고 날아가는 예쁜 꿈도 꾸었지 노란 풍선이 하늘을…
CRAZY LOVE Ya, I've been waiting for this for so long, TVXQ! 평소엔…
Flower Lady FLOWER LADY (HANGUL) credit: 찬란한 저 햇살의 반짝임…
I'll be there 모두 알아요 그대였죠 나 힘들고 외로움 속에 지칠 때 웃어주고 때론…
My Destiny 帰りたい 長い夜に 僕の胸は まだ迷っている 帰れない 淡い朝に 告げた誓い 嘘になるから あの頃の 僕らの影が 今立ち…
Somebody to Love It's time for love Somebody to love 僕はここにいるよ 刻みはじめる 新しい時間を …
Summer Dream 君と出会うたびに 夏は新しくなる 僕らは今 光の中 生まれ変われるよ summer dream 濡れた肌が 熱いままで …
Ten I just wanna say thank you for the last ten…
노을..바라보다 저녁 노을이 지고 하나 둘 켜진 불빛을 따라서 너에게 가고 있어 차가운 바람에…
Keep your head down U-know time (max) You know what time it…
주문 시작은 달콤하게 평범하게 나에게 끌려 언제나 그랬듯이 먼저 말을 걸어와 모든 가능성…

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here are some more

1.  spica - you don't love me
2.  big bang - alive (full version- 3:19 min)
3.  4minute - volume up
4.  delispice - chau chau
5. 2ne1 - don't stop the music
6.  g-dragon - gossip man
7.  t-ara - roly poly
8.  2ne1 - missing you
9.  g-dragon - about a boy
10.  t-ara - crazy because of you
11.  rania - just go
12.  sunmi - 24 hours
13.  miss a - hush
14.  kahi - it's me
15.  4minute - huh
16. 2ne1 - Pretty Boy
17.  ailee - I'll show you
18.  t-ara - lovey dovey
19.  jaurim - icarus
20.  exid - i feel good
21.  kara - step
22.  shinhwa - venus
23.  bigbang - tonight
24.  dalshabet - b.b.b
25.  dalshabet - hit u
26.  jaurim - you and i
27.  infinite - chasers
28.  kara - pandora
29.  aoa - get out
30.  exo - machine
31. orange caramel - lipstick
32. after school - flashback
33. f(x) - airplane
34. 4minute - mirror mirror
35. sistar - alone
36. exo - mama
37. girl's day - expectation
38. brown eyed girl - k
39. iu - good day
40. 2ne1 - I love you
41. 2ne1 - do you love me
42. nuest - face
43. nuest - action
44. after school -  because of you
45. wax - fly high
46. jaurim - icarus
47. lena park -  double kiss

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Let's be honest here, TVXQ! always gave the best choreo before the new generations, original and dynamic.


Lauren Snodgrass

I’m a new kpop fan and I completely agree with you on all points.


@sarah sarah
Ha ha😉I like " Jungle" " Tigger"

sarah sarah

Count in jungle android etc


Agree with you. ✨TVXQ Style.
"Something" "Spellbound"
" I Don't know" "Humanoids "
" Spinning " "Catch Me"
" Before you go" " Vertigo "... ▫️🎉

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Yee Teng Chan

Watching back the MV in 2020, and this is still a high quality one.



The guy who made the instrumental is just freakin talented. I just love the use of the synths combined with that walking bass line.


@YuYu's Nerdy Life

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