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Livin' On
by 13th Floor Elevators

See me rocking,
To set the times awry,
I'm bringing in my stocking,
If the score is tied

I may drop in
And plant smokestakes,
Giving it,
Leaves no tracks,
What's up it's wrong,
So I'm just living on

I hear you talkin
You're only popping spits,
Automatic walking,
Oh the smack appears

Your dingy just, circles insane
Take the Lord's, name in vain
Betty Jean comes off like
Its livin on

Living on past the Ice Age,
And walrus harpoons,
Living on past the Space Age,
And the yellow balloons

In the Age of the exit,
Are the moving cartoons
Bringing you right along
Helping you living on
My special and took me out alone
He showed me a level,
I'm talking on my own

So don't be taken by what I say,
If its too rigid just go away,
You're never really gone,
Only livin on

If you miss my watching,
Sometimes I'm catching all I can,
In the steady watching,
Of the prophet's plan,

Whoa, and the good life will fill,
People tell
Will keep us our souls very well,
In the wisdom of Right ever long,
And the spirit of us, livin on


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Comments from YouTube:

coo kie

peaking on good L when the sun is coming up and the birds start chirping

Paul Nolan

@eeeniotna supply :(


this is where i'm at now

TD45465 ghf

Amazing song!!!

Sidney Smith

The ink patterns reminded me of seeing him at the Vulcan Gas Company in Austin, TX by the railroad tracks. We grew up together around Shipp Park 2 block apart. I called him on the phone a few years back and he remembered me. We could barely talk as he had the TV and stereo blasting loud so as to drown out the screams from his demons in his house. He took waaaaaay too much Acvid!


Although Roky has now gone to the great rock hall in the sky the music of the 13th FE is livin' on.


RIP Timothy Leary on thumbnail

Frederic Ballestra

Magnifique ... à tous niveaux ! ;-)

Ace Freely

Wished that I had these colors in my 3rd eyes & my This is exactly what I want on my music stage 2 be as....

T. K.

Amazing song & thoughtful composition. Pure class! Thank you indeed! Tim

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