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Purple Swag
A$AP Rocky Lyrics

Better do it 'til we get right, uhh

This is for my niggas getting high on the regular
This is for my bitches getting high on the regular

Purple drink, I still sip, purple weed blunt still lit
Real nigga, real bitch, purple swag, that trill shit
Them candy cars, I'm coming down, that paint drip, I still tip
That pimp shit, she ain't plan to fuck, I pick her up, I still hit
That's swag, bitch

Everything is purple (Swag)

Purple swag, purple swag, I'm in the zone, I'm getting throwed
That purple swag, purple swag, that purple smoke up in my clothes
That big booty, juicy fruity, yellow bone, I wanna bone
I'm getting dome, I took her out, dick in her mouth, she getting on
I'm flexing steel, I'm flexing steel, I'm sitting high, I'm tipping slow
I'm Texas trill, Texas trill, but in NY we spit it slow

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Rakim Mayers, Tyshaun Holloway

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Comments from YouTube:

Chris Lx

If this song dropped today blondie would’ve been canceled💀

Tegridy Farms

Yup. And all the people outraged over blondie would've been white people.


fr just proves this generation is soft im embarrassed for gen z


This whole post is nothing but a circle jerk/ Pity party, of mostly white boys who want to call black ppl the N word.
Thxz for ruining this song with your white victim hood.


She pretty

EastcoastChris TV


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Still slaps

Oscar Fernandez

That's lit

Jordan Johnson

i dint know some one like you will
here this


What uuppo

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