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Cool Zombie
Adam Ant Lyrics

For a time he lived in Tennessee
A brilliant hillbilly
A cool zombie
The People there were real friendly
Flat top cats and dungarees
A cool zombie
The town of Dayton suited me
54 Pickup, eggs over easy

Took him a trip to London town
Goldfish eyes and a permanent frown
A cool zombie
We haven't seen ya in a while
Would give you anything but a smile
A cool zombie
The pink's shilling
And the body was willing
But not playing with a full deck

The dead man eyes a giveaway
His baby blues a thousand miles away
A cool zombie

(Come closer)
Dead man with a famous head
(Come closer)
Earning him a crust of bread
(Come closer)
I'll sign my book of the dead
(Come closer)
I might even sign your leg
(Come closer)
Here's my best side baby
(Come closer)
Ten words in my vocabulary

I bought an A-framed house to suit me
On top of the Vale in Tennessee
The place that made world history
The Monkey Trial of 23
Cool zombie

The kind of place a lost soul could hide
Hadn't changed since Bonnie and Clyde
This goes out to Ronnie B
The sailor man on his Harley
Showed me how good life could be
A real-life tour of God's country
The good folk there were good to me
They never ever twigged
I was a cool zombie


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Comments from YouTube:

corey kohan

Dudett.....Adam ant was dressing like this when Johney Depp was in highschooll. So if anything Depp's Jack Sparrow looks like him..;)

João Guimarães

Adam ant is from the 80s, no depp in that time....see kings of the wild frontier...album


@john stewart Antmusic!

R SvSbg

@john stewart let's call it 'a heartfelt devotion and admiration leading to an epic hommage" @johnnydepp Depp is man of honor, after all

R SvSbg



Yep, go back and watch some Adam and the Ants videos. 😉

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joe wedlake

The Ant Man Rules ! Great music at 62 years old. long Live the insect Nation!

day light

he is still so handsome..was breathtakingly beautiful when he was young


2019, saw him this summer at the Beacon Theater here in NYC. Friend or Foe Tour. First time seeing him and I was blown away. Great presence, great moves, great personality, tight band and an especially amazing PAIR of drummers. His early work is so rhythm/percussion focused but you really feel it live. On certain songs in the set there are these undeniably primal moments, both drummers playing their parts and the two guitarists playing stand-up drums of their own—the audience jumps to their feet, not a soul sitting down. Highly recommend seeing him live if you’re a fan of great Rock and roll, punk/post punk, rock-a-billy etc—sh*t that makes you move! #antmusic

Austerity Dog

Surprisingly an underrated song

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