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Playground Love
Air Lyrics

I'm a high school lover,
And you're my favorite flavor
Love is all, all my soul
You're my playground love

Yet my hands are shaking
I feel my body remains,
Themes no matter, I'm on fire
On the playground, love

You're the piece of gold,
The flushes all my soul
Extra time, on the ground
You're my playground love

Anytime, anyway,
You're my playground love

Written by: Jean Benoit Dunckel, Nicolas Godin, Thomas Croquet

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olive rows

I'm a high school lover
and you're my favorite flavor.
Love is all, all my soul.
You're my playground love.

Yet my hands are shaking
I feel my body reeling
Time’s no matter, I'm on fire.
On the playground, love.

You're the piece of gold
that flashes on my soul.
Extra time, on the ground.
You're my playground love.

Anytime, anywhere
You're my playground love.

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Juice Box

I remember when my dad played air while the soft afternoon sunlight gently fell through the living room curtains. There was this bird that would slowly go who,who in a very slow and relaxing way. I'd invite the neighborhood kids over to play Mario Kart Wii, with me and my brother. When it got cool we would sit on our skateboards and race down the street, side by side. Then we'd come home for a delicious dinner my mother had cooked. Then we would back out and try to attach flashlights to out skateboard so we could race in the dark! Me and my grandparents would go to the store and let me pick out a wooden model train and help me build it!

Now my days are consumed by boring schoolwork. I hardly have any social interaction and all the colour that used to be there is gone. I miss it so much, my grandparents, my childhood friends. I can never return but I can make a sorry attempt to by listening to this music.


Lovely childhood and picture you painted to us, thats how life is, that childhood feeling never comes back..


I read that the bird invited children to play mario cart in a slow relaxing way. My head "THAT WASNT A BIRD THAT WAS A PEDOPHILE WEARING A FEATHERED CAPE

თათა aaa

i hope i turn into this song when i die

თათა aaa

@medusa would be dope


me too

თათა aaa

@Tengo Tsertsvadze <3

Tengo Tsertsvadze

ესეთი სიტყვები ჯერ არ წამიკითხავს, მაგრამ ძაან ასწორებს


@Yasmina El malhouf and the best

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Joe Bay

this song needs to be at least three times longer

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