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I Could Stay
Air Formation Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'I Could Stay' by these artists:

Kreesha Turner The way you've got me feeling, The gravity boy you're steal…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Air Formation:

Adrift If only I'd have waited to say those words Can't escape…
Cold Morning Wait for waves, sounds of other days, waiting, hoping, is…
Daylight Storms Just let go, you'll find another day As I saw the…
Formation 1 What happened at the New Orleans? Bitch, I'm back by popular…
I Can't Remember Waking Up There are tears in your eyes every time I leave…
Into View you take me so far god i hope you're on my…
The Dark Has Fallen You said you'd always be alive, well so will I,…
Three Years Pass Don't want to fight the tears, we're growing colder still I…
Until Today These eyes are tired, I'm lying down. Dreamed a while…

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Comments from YouTube:

Peter Fechter

I found this song during the throes of a divorce and a very deep depression. Guys, I hope you read this, because your music gave me a blanket to wrap myself in.

I am much happier today than ever before, but it might have all been for naught if you hadn't been there to carry me when I didn't have the will to walk.

Don't ever think what you do is in vain. You will always have a fan-for-life in me.

Terry Barham

going thru the same shit myself. Everyday I find a song or 2 like this that gets me through the day, and I pile them up on my google+ page.

Ring Hole

i feel so much emotion when i listen to shoegaze like this. there is so much beauty to be found in music.

Dean Bromley

This is such a beautiful song, they are playing at the Scala in London Thursday 18th March 2010 with legendary shoegazers Cahperhouse! See you there!

Alex Oneub

One of the best shoegaze songs ever !!!

Hamza Chouhib

Wait for waves, sounds of other days, waiting, hoping, is all I want to say.
Dreamed of far, bright-lit stars, standing here never felt like it did that day.

Slept for days, thought of all the ways to warm the cold soften the blows anything to stay.
But it takes so much time it's like waiting for the sun to shine, holding you close never felt the way it did today.

Think I'm losing hold. The world that I loved has gone
You're lost tonight, lost in the darkened sky.

Simón Morillo Lathulerie

Thank you

Zick Scitt Swinn

Just getting into shoegaze music. My life been brighter ever since.

lance lavador

only found this today!! love air formation now


Awesome song!

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