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La Drogue
Ali Farka Touré Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'La Drogue' by these artists:

Messieurs Richard de Bordeaux et Daniel Beretta Où est ma drogue, mon haschich? Où est mon opium, mon…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Ali Farka Touré:

Allah Uya allah uya mayfsvhz ajfsjsyjsgajfafs shhsgysyfejsyys hsusyehw…
Beto I lay down with an angel I lay down with an…
Hawa Dolo hawa dololo hawa dololo hawa hawa dololo hawa hawa né yaté b…
I Go Ka Manane koy deyyyy Ay koy deydeyyy Sakanane koyy No bey ndey …
Mali Dje I lay down with an angel I lay down with an…
Savane J'ai quitte' mon pays et ma Louisiane Mais dans d'autres pay…
Soko Лети соко преко Равне Горе и дозива четничке војводе Глас с…

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Comments from YouTube:

Number Nine

It will soon be on high quality 180 gram vinyl mastered from the master tapes. I believe it comes out next month or May!

Mansour Maïga

La drogue ne rassasit pas, elle ne fait pas passer la fatigue. Elle est 5 fois dangereuse que l'alcool....

System you are the best Checker

Thank you YouTube, you are making the world together. Not many people would have heard this great music.

Diarra PAPA


Neal Pomea

This is on m desert island list I can't do without it. Lyrics anyone?

Neal Pomea

@Mansour Maiga Thank you, friend! I knew the words were important!

Mansour Maiga

@Neal Pomea Its Songhay language, in Mali, west africa

Neal Pomea

@Mansour Maiga Thank you so much! What language is it?

Mansour Maiga

This song is about true friendship based on love. He says '' Baakoy taraay di ga may nafa, amma boro foyo kala fafa ''; that means, friendship from love is most useful, but some people only prefer family relationships.
This friendship must lead us on the path of good. that's why in the song, he lashes out at drugs and its harmful consequences. he criticizes bad company.

Neal Pomea

@Mansour Maïga Thank you! Would you please translate the part where Ali Farka Toure is talking? It sounds IMPORTANT to the meaning of the song! Thank you, friend! Blessings!

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