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This Circle
Anders Manga Lyrics

This Circle, Isn't Meant to be Broken
This Circle, Isn't Meant to be Broken

Yes I think I'll sit around awhile
Cause you Bring Everything to Me
Your Pain, Your Breath, Your Heartbreak.... Your Apology
I don't think I'll ever Understand, Will You for me?

Yes I think I'll Turn it Back awhile
Cause You've Killed Everyone but me
Your Heartless One Last Breath Brings Insanity

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Comments from YouTube:

Akash Sharma

"I'm Jack the ripper." "Hats off to these idiots." "Oh, Look Professor creepy!" Haha Damon is awesome!!

Ele Fo

Party scene + dancing scene = Delena rocks!!!

Naomi Frye

This reminds me of Marilyn Manson.


Totally sounds like she wants revenge..


fell in love with this and i dont even like the vampire diaries but had to watch that scene just to find this. <3


sounds a little like marilyn manson thats what brought me here thinking it was

Kevin Vidal

:O Aun no llego a ver esta temporada!! Pero, Cuando metieron a "Anders Manga" Han hecho que me guste mucho mas la serie!! :3


love this songgggggg so sexy, powerfull, make us wondering some horrific scene thanks TVD

Ant McGeever

who is the one in the bottom left by elijah ?

Bree Salyer

It's Meredith, not Nadia

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