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Lover Thine
Android Lust Lyrics

He says I keep the faith in the only thing
It gives me grief it gives me pain
It's heaven and hell in one
He believes the best has come and gone

He hides it in a special place
His lover his life mate
He says I do the best to keep you in my arms
My money you're the only one

Down in the corner he sits on his hands
Laughs in glee and delight at his plans
To beg steal and borrow every penny that he can
Fuck his dear mother if it gained him a grand

He's a well-respected man of means
With a touch of slime in between
His lips as words he weaves
This wide-eyed fool already believes

Down in the corner he sits on his hands
Laughs in glee does a happy little dance

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Comments from YouTube:

Shine Your Light Collective

This is badass!


kick ass.

Loki Shannonhouse

this song does indeed kick some ass. the thing that pisses me off is that I can almost never find more than one copy of one Android Lust album at Rasputins (a record store). time to start shopping at Ameoba or (gasp!) online for good music...