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Cherished Agony
Android Lust Lyrics

Cherished agony
Have you not swallowed the last drops of pride
That have dripped on your tongue
Have you not inhaled the stench
That rises as you walk
In your sweet dreams
This childlike monster caresses your back
You hear the peals of laughter
Do you feel you are submerged in acid bath

Cherished agony
Have you now descended
To the bowels of your fear
Sensing it's the end
You've surrendered to the whims of this monster
Your will has shattered
Betrayed by innocence

You remember each act of rejection
As you reach for a stint of affection
Does it matter how you suffer
Your will has shattered
Crushed by innocence

Contributed by Ethan D. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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hell yes id love 2 get used and tied up while listenin to this it rocks man

Cer Ve

don't know why I listened a different version before, but seems that is disappeared from youtube. anyone can help me?

Krzysztof Lipka

@Jarmila Lajerová Write me on [email protected]

Jarmila Lajerová

@Krzysztof Lipka What is your email address?

Krzysztof Lipka

@Jarmila Lajerová It's there an any chance that you have this song stored offline? I'm searching for this song for years!

User Name

Yeah, I believe it was titled "Necronomicon IV" or something like that. With an HR Giger slideshow.

User Name

@Jarmila Lajerová Found it! Thanks.

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Scandinavia Sorrow

This song is awesome

Guilford Lewis

Fun fact: This song was used for one of the prototype gameplay videos for the horror game Agony.


Anyone listening to this in 2017.

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