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Common Ground
Andy McKee Lyrics

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Paul Anderson

Holy crap Andy McKee is just too freakin good.  Surely the government is going to step in soon and say it's illegal to play this well.  Anarchy will ensue, babies will cry, cats and dogs will fall from the sky, and the skies will turn a deep purple.  And it'll all be because Andy McKee rocks too hard.

Rapha Sérgio

I don´t know what you used, but I want some of it LMFAO

herbert fernandes

haa haa



Wesley Stafford

I love the slight modifications Andy's made to this song over the years. The album version is fairly straight forward, while what's played here has a lot of embellishments that has more of a flowing sound, and the dynamics only add to that. That raking across the strings during the chorus is just way too cool. This is easily my favorite recording of anything I've heard from him. 

Kurt K

I've listened to this shit when this dude was real young and have listened to him play it over the years. The song slowed down a bit over the years and he plays it less aggressively. And man does it sound better!! He was awesome when younger too but more aggressive and played faster.


Andy McKee is a freaking boss!!! One of those rare artists that's (probably) better live than on recording

Ali Hijazi

Wesley Stafford Indeed!


checkout ebon coast, it will be your number 2 fav lol

Rodrigo Monteiro

Right you are, man!!

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