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Dark Horse Type O
Anthony Vincent Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Anthony Vincent:

Problem It's Iggy Iggs! I got one more problem with you girl! Hey…

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Comments from YouTube:

Anthony Vincent

Here are my words of gratitude to all the Type O fans, I appreciate the kind words but I'm more happy than anything to give us fans a second wind. Yes, I'm a fan. That's why I did this and the experience was intense for me, leaving the technicalities and the nitpicking aside.  I know I don't sound exactly like Pete and I wouldn't want to, I'm just happy to mix it up with great people who share a common interest in music, keeping the Type O legacy alive and introducing an inactive band to a new generation. Lord knows music needs an identity these days. 

Lily Of The Valley

Ant, you did a fab interpretation of this song that would make Peter proud! Your voice is amazing on it's own. I found your version and video intense! Loved it immensely. Thank you. On play often.


I would love to hear a cover of love you to death by type o done by you. Whether in multiple styles or just a plain cover. I absolutely love that song for reason

Lily Of The Valley

Great job Anthony! I am a fan of both you and type o negative! You always make the songs better than they are originally. The dark and amber video was excellent and added to the vibe of the song! Perfect! Love you!

Heather Brown

@JasonK C that would be insane..!! Mind blowing insane..

Heather Brown

Hunny you literally make bank with this. Id follow you to the end if you did more tpo . I even told my husband your my star pass card , he got nervous cus perter was my orginal and yah have figured out how to raise the dead yet.

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Wesley LaFleur

Not going to lie, I'd buy an album of covers done by you in the style of Type O Negative. Absolutely fantastic stuff.


Do it for the plot, at least



Heather Brown

@Chey Davis statement was last month vido was years ago. 😁💜

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