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First Movement: Allegro
Antonio Vivaldi Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Antonio Vivaldi:

Laudamus te laudamus te (laudamus te) benedicimus Te (benedicumus te) ad…

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Comments from YouTube:

Juan Alfredo Zorrilla Liendo

Siempre la escucho en mi consultorio. Un clásico precioso e infaltable.

todd glore

Splendid presentation, thanks you for sharing!


Vivaldi does that to me a lot :) and he wrote so much more great music than the Four Seasons! I'd post it, but I'm busy a lot of the time, and my computer has such limited space that audio quality doesn't save satisfactorily at the moment :S

Jack Cui

Excellent my favorite out of all three movements... good old 4/4 time


this is beauty


with so many composers today, its hard to stick out. Someone could be amazing but with the thousands of songs being made, how could one man stand out? In these days, there werent ALL toooo many anyway lol


Hehe, well I find it's certainly one of the perks of being English! Good countryside. My love for nature and music sort of go hand in hand. They've both grown and matured together, though nature first, before I started learning to play the violin about 17 months ago, when I was 16. You could always send those pieces to me and I'll make them into videos (although I'd have to get into them first!) Must make sure I always have a good supply of pics too :S need to take some more


I guess modern composers have to be modern and innovative, and maybe it's harder to judge 'genius' until at least a century later... I suppose the composers you mention were innovating in their own time and must have seemed as modern to those times as ours do today. But I still agree!


your photos are beautiful...very moving...I'd love to see you do Samuel Barber's "Adaggio for Strings" or Joaquín Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez" :D


AAAAH I've been looking for this song forever :D THANK YOU <3

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