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Nisi Dominus RV 608: I. Nisi
Antonio Vivaldi Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Antonio Vivaldi:

Laudamus te laudamus te (laudamus te) benedicimus Te (benedicumus te) ad…

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Emmanuel Sedano

Bob's burgers Season 3 episode 1

Logan: I threw them away, i told you you'll never get them back.
Louise: Where did you throw them away logan ?
Logan: Pancho's Tacos.
Louise:Which one Logan? IT'S A CHAIN !!!
Logan: The one on riverside.
Garbage man: Sorry kid, whatever you are looking for has been incinerated.
Louise (Evil Laugh): Revenge!

All comments from YouTube:

Casey Oberhausen

This is one of the most beautiful things that I've ever heard.

Eric Altinkaya

@Francine Sicard as good as it was - just listened to it- it just pales by comparison to her performance of this piece.. I think it has to do with the fact it's a Vivaldi .. His lasting magic just imbues this piece through and through .... Pales in comparison i say!


Casey Oberhausen !

Francine Sicard

Then you should listen to her rendition of Mozart Laudate Dominum. Absolument divine. She is a specialist of Barock music.

Narcissus DP

this melody is nopt for the EAR, it is for The SOUL

Смеяна Жемчужная

Ear is just a tool for the soul.

Francine Sicard


Francine Sicard

For both, it's divine!

Naomi Tiefenbrunn

Spectre was on, this started playing, then my dad - who was cleaning the house - was like "is this Vivaldi?"
Indeed it was.

Hussain Al-Hasan

Yes, I've listen to this song for the first time in the movie of Spectre. 💙😍

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