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I Never Loved a Man
Aretha Franklin Lyrics

You're a no good heart breaker
You're a liar and you're a cheat
And I don't know why
I let you do these things to me
My friends keep telling me
That you ain't no good
But oh, they don't know
That I'd leave you if I could

I guess I'm uptight
And I'm stuck like glue
Cause I ain't never
I ain't never, I ain't never, no, no (loved a man)
(The way that I, I love you)

Some time ago I thought
You had run out of fools
But I was so wrong
You got one that you'll never lose
The way you treat me is a shame
How could ya hurt me so bad
Baby, you know that I'm the best thing
That you ever had
Kiss me once again

Don't ya never, never say that we we're through
Cause I ain't never
Never, Never, no, no (loved a man)
(The way that I, I love you)

I can't sleep at night
And I can't even fight
I guess I'll never be free
Since you got, your hooks, in me

Whoa, oh, oh
Yeah! Yeah!
I ain't never loved a man
I ain't never loved a man, baby
Ain't never had a man hurt me so bad

Well this is what I'm gonna do about it

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, SPRINGTIME MUSIC INC
Written by: Ronnie Shannon

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Comments from YouTube:

Candace McLendon

Rest in Heaven Queen Aretha. There will never be another like you in this lifetime.

Jeanine Howard


Michael Maison

All Hail to the fucking Queen

Pam Shaline

Her and miss Etta James and Billie Holiday

Taneesha Brodie

Absolutely never...

Christina A

Yes there will. However she was a fantastic singer. This was a fantastic song: voice: lyrics, fantastic black musicians, production. This is my favourite AF song made in Muscle Shoals Alabama. To Aretha Franklin: Madame I salute you.

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Cedar Shoals

I saw a documentary about her in the Muscle Shoals studio. They were talking about making a song more jazzy. Aretha said "You know I cant play jazz but start it for me and I will try" They started playing and immediately Atretha broke out in some of the best jazz piano I ever heard. She was sheer perfection!

brian ridgeway

@nerlyne gnambault Muscle Shoals.. some really great great music was recorded here back in the day. Aretha, Paul Simon, Seger, Stones, Skynyrd, Pickett, you'll be amazed. Duane Allman was a studio musician for awhile here.

adonai yah

Wow i never appreciated her in her life time
is it any coincidence you have the latter part of muscle shoals in your username

nerlyne gnambault

What's the documentary's title please? I would like to watch it too.

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