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I'm Not Here for You
Arlo Lyrics

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Runaround Once upon a midnight dreary I woke with something in my…
Shutterbug I hear the click clack click of the camera eye…
Up When I was younger She'd come to me in dreams Her face…

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Didn't know where to go,
Didn't know what I should see,
So I left town;
As soon as you left me,
Tried to find myself...down in Tennessee,
But ch'you got a way;
With the best of me,
Now I do my best!,
And I'm barely gettin' by,
This damn town never sleeps,
She keeps me runnin' every night,

Thought I'd get by on my own,

Thought I'd be what I want to be,
Until you opened my eyes;
And you made me see,
Now I'll just play these cords;
Till' my time and moneys' gone,
And I leave this world;
With these simple songs,
Now I do my best,
And I'm barely gettin' by,
This damn town never sleeps,
She keeps me runnin' every night.

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Rachel Bailey

I can relate to this song. I ran far away from my hometown, the only place I knew after my heart and soul was ripped out of my chest and oddly enough I ended up in Tennessee. When I got here almost 3 years ago I was an absolute trainwreck, but I was slowly able to pick myself up and rebuild my life. I look back now and I'm thankful that I ran far away from that heartache, because I wouldn't be where and who I am today. The pain taught me that nobody is worth losing yourself over and that if someone is putting you through that much pain, they don't deserve you.

Tony Flamingo

yeah you were supposed to turn that date down then try and play a guitar a few months later. fucked up my plan is what ya did.

Megan Stiles

Amen sister! It's a lesson I am healing from now. I am glad that you were able to find your happy place.


God bless you woman

michael bowling

That's right girl. Life's hard lesson

Siim Kask

Good on you girl

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Philadelphia C

This reminds me of a certain time in my life. I was smoking crack by the river and drawing pictures of turtles.

Finky Stingers McFarthing

Never give your power to a woman
She'll only take your best
Leave you with a dirty mess.

Wayland Harrington

Ain't that the truth


Never give your power to ANYONE! Life is a poker game...gotta play the long game...NEVER give them ANYTHING FOR FREE and make sure everyone knows that you come before anyone else! Anything let after you secure you give to the poor!

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