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I'm Not Here for You
by Arlo

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Runaround Once upon a midnight dreary I woke with something in my…
Shutterbug I hear the click clack click of the camera eye…
Up When I was younger She'd come to me in dreams Her face…

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Comments from YouTube:

Deborah Dessaso

I grew up listening to this song but didn't understand the line "fifteen cars and fifteen restless riders, three conductors, 25 sacks of mail" until I read E.B. White's essay on the railroads. White's essay begins with an evening train trip he takes with his wife, and then the story morphs into a narrative on the rise and demise of the railroads in America. Now whenever I hear this song, I can't help but regret the loss of a part of American history that many Americans may never get the chance to experience.

dror chalupowicz


Robyn Coats-Bier

Edmund Fitzgerald

Robyn Coats-Bier

Edmund Fitzgerald

Bruce Morrison

Thank you Deborah Dessaso for that anecdote ! Made 4 years ago, so you'll probably never know I appreciate your comments ~too bad, but thank you, I read your comments today , Sunday May 3,2020. I may have to look up E.B. White.

patrea lynn

theyre still around.

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james mc

The last time I rode a train was on a trip from New York to New Orleans in 1960. I was 5 years old at the time and I became lost from my Mother and my other brothers and sister in the huge train station, as the trains were boarding and were about to pull away. A sailor in uniform found me crying. He picked me up and walked along the platform taking me by each window of each train car until my Mother looked out and saw me. I never felt that feeling of disconnect and lonliness again until the moment my Mom died 5 years ago. I heard this song when it first became a hit while I was 17 years old and still in high school. I am 62 and will remember that trip, the smell of the interior of the 'Pullman' train cars, and riding through the towns, farms and fields of America, as long as I live.

james mc

@cubomania3 She did. Please see my comment below to DaFuq.

james mc

@DaFuq I can assure you that I am telling the truth as this is one of my very vivid memories. There were six of us children besides myself. I remember My Mom told me later that as soon as she and the others were seated inside the train, and had counted heads, she immediately began to panic realizing that I was not there. As she stood yelling out she saw me being held by the sailor through the window, and I saw her and the anguished look on her face at that very same instant.

jennifur sun

that was a nice man last time I ever road a train was about 8 years ago

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