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Armin van Buuren Lyrics


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Can music make you feel nostalgic for a time you weren't even there? This is what I feel when I listen to masterpieces like this. I was 14 when this came out and didn't even knew what the word "trance" meant. 4 years later I discovered this and fell in love with the genre from then on. When I listen to this I feel so nostalgic, like "what a great time must have been when this stuff came out". I can't imagine what would have felt like for someone listening to this back then, and actually seeing armin back in 08. Damn I envy you people. 2021, still listening to this. Still amazed.


you'll never walk alone)

Wiliams Cruz Bermudez

me to...

Vincent Zauhar

This guy is a genius... It's unfortunate that he doesn't really make music this good anymore..


@David Corten were all wrong? no your wrong like really first of why are you making excuses for him into justify him turning his back on trance in favor of this big room house and pop garbage and by the first of all about doing the same shit at a job let me tell you something they are trance and house djs that have been playing the same shit for years and you see them complaining why? cause they love doing what they do to make the fans happy.

Signal Racer

That white shirt was fashion, amazing.

David Corten

you guys are all wrong. Armin will always remain Armin. He sometimes is committed to what the organiser asks. And for his music 2 things:
1) do you really think he only made trance back in the day?
2) how would you feel on your job doing the same shit every single day? Hearing the same song/type of music all over again. Never have some variety in it. Right, you would be bored!

Mass Mam

conqururfear yeah well Armin is a sell out :)

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luis saira

2020 y aun siento como si fuera la primera semana que la escuchaba


Que locura debe haber sido vivir esto cuando salió. Yo descubrí a armin 4 años después de este disco. De más esta decir que jamás volvió a semejante nivel. Imagine aún así sigue siendo de mis discos favoritos

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