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Austin Wintory Lyrics

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Austin Wintory

My friends, you probably saw that last night I lost the Grammy to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. The overflow of support I saw here, on Twitter, on facebook, over email and everywhere else was overwhelmingly touching to me. I can't thank you enough. Please don't forget that I never sought to win a Grammy. My goal was to try and make music that remotely did justice to thatgamecompany's masterpiece. I could never thank them, or you, enough for this adventure.

Sam J. Schofield

Oh man you're here. I'm 7 years late but oh god, this soundtrack is beautiful, thanks for making such a piece of art. Thank you.

Julian Gutierrez

Won a Grammy. The soundtrack of a videogame Won a Grammy those days. WOW

James Meehan

It was only nominated for a Grammy although that is still very impressive. It DID win a BAFTA for Original Music in 2013 so it shows you that the Brits appreciate a good soundtrack.


it lost to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actually

Ace Luke

+François Trudel Wasn't it just for a best single of some sort? Either way video game music is slowly becoming more recognized in the music world.

François Trudel

Actually, check out Baba Yetu from Civilization IV. It came out in 2009 (before Journey) and WON a grammy.

Preston Dixon

+Julian Gutierrez Actually, it got NOMINATED for Best Soundtrack. I think it lost to How to Train Your Dragon. Although it's still a feat for being the first ever video game soundtrack to ever get nominated for a Grammy!

Kropotkins Beard

Who said video games aren't art? Haha, what a stunning piece of music.

Stitches 76

@Its rain again i know someone who did, the guy who made YIIK said 'games weren't art' after his game was heavily criticized. Take that however you want

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