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Austin Wintory Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Austin Wintory:

No Tree Grows to the Sky Áfram, Afram, Afram, undir hrímsól! Afram. Til himna teygja …
Only the Sun Has Stopped Sólin Sólin ein hefur numið staðar. Vocals by Johann Sigurd…

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Comments from YouTube:

Austin Wintory

Thank you so much everyone!! There will be a second video too for the song "Tiers of Joy," which you can hear on the bandcamp page. I really appreciate you guys checking it out; this was truly one of the most fun times I've ever had in the studio

google inc

Im pissed they never made part 8 and instead made a remake of a remake

Fred Daniali

Of course, it's the most thoughtless and easy thing to do.... keep trying to bank on the generations that have money to spend.

Ricky Sarile

Would’ve loved to see the legendary Al Lowe as part of this amazing ensemble. Great work! 😊

Ricky Sarile

@Austin Wintory Ooooh!!! That’s so cool!!! ❤️

Austin Wintory

He was in the booth while we recorded! And later we did some live gigs together of these tunes :)

William J. Blazkowicz

Beautiful :)

Ray White

Al Lowe is legendary!

P.G. Ferret

There are 69 comments as I write this...nice

Noel Ho

omg!! that was so good it actually brought tears to my eyes!

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