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The Forge
Austin Wintory Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'The Forge' by these artists:

Autumnblaze Who are you? You're not the sorrow that you feel…
Manning There's a glow in the night & deep red embers…
Nuclear Assault A strange feeling has come over me A change of my…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Austin Wintory:

No Tree Grows to the Sky Áfram, Afram, Afram, undir hrímsól! Afram. Til himna teygja …
Only the Sun Has Stopped Sólin Sólin ein hefur numið staðar. Vocals by Johann Sigurd…

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Comments from YouTube:


Nice work man. It's cool of you to do this! I watched and shared the film.

Triestella -

omg i can imagine this as a background song fot a majestic graveyard or somethin...

Christian David

This sounds amazing!


all hail you :D beautiful as ever

Tim the Animator

This morning, I was late to my animation class and was having a lot of stress. Luckily, my teacher moved me into another lab and didn't take away my attendance. To help me calm me down, I listened to your music from "Journey" and it instantly healed me. This piece as well is beautiful and I hope you continue to create these amazing pieces of art. :)

Pema Lotus



I came because AWintory


Damn. I feel like I should be a blacksmith, or walking along a volcano.

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