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Ayria Lyrics

I wanted the stars, you gave me the sky.
It will never be enough
My hunger strikes, I'm never satisfied
I just can't consume enough.
My will breaking, racing towards a bitter end.
Choking on the aftertaste
How can I survive on what you've given?
It will never satiate.

On these stars I've made a wish
A million voices, a million fists.
I wish I may, I wish I might
Devour it all in one bite.

Will all this ever be enough?
I don't want to hunger anymore.
Sometimes I lose my passion, forgetting all I loved.
Is this the best we'll ever know?
All my idols gave up long ago
I'm terrified I'll lose the taste for all I've loved.

When the sweetness starts to lose its taste
The sour contaminates.
From pretty pedestals we're getting all we've craved.
Try to swallow up the shame.
When beauty all decays and rots.
I'm still starving deep inside
Tearing petals off me one by one.
Until I'm just barely alive.

Is it ever enough? Forgotten all that I've loved.
Is this the best we'll know? All my idols gave up so long ago.

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Comments from YouTube:


Ayria is generally considered gothic industrial. More likely to find goth kids and rivet heads listening to her stuff. Good artist ,puts on a kick butt live show and is a genuine sweetheart. Less edm than ebm if you're gonna toss it in either grouping.

Sunborn Arizonan

Hypnotizing voice of hers makes me listen to this song numerous times.


her voice is so intoxicating and very much so addicting

Erik S.

She's amazing!

Jessica Wise

I love her !


Do a search on FB for "Leland City Club." This is a good-sized goth club in Detroit. They post their playlists a lot. It has helped me find new music.

Chloe Swinburn

Can't wait to see her on 21st <3


dear god, if you wanna preview you get that on itunes! personally those 30 seconds never ever sell a song, now i have had the chance because of this uploader i shall buy the song.


great to see shes putting out new music can't wait for the rest!


Actually, the problem for most groups is obscurity, not piracy. The vast majority of those who didn't buy this didn't do so because they've never heard of Ayria, not because they could listen to it on here for free. Taking myself as an example, I was unaware of Ayria before finding them here, as they were linked to another band I was listening to, which I only found out about because someone linked me to one of their songs. Now I'll buy things from all three.

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