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Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
B.B. King Lyrics

Nobody loves me, but my mother,
And she could me jivin` too.
Nobody loves me, but my mother,
And she could me jivin` too.
Now you see why I act so funny, baby,
When you do the things you do.

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: B.B. KING

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Comments from YouTube:

Tracy S

"Nobody loves me but my mother. And she could be jivin' too." I just doesn't get any more "blues" than that.

George Tate

One of my favorite 48 yr old from Arkansas

Claudia Fuentes

His intricate yet hyper guitar playing goes beautifully with his low and almost growling voice. It makes a beautiful contrasting combination and I think that's what makes B.B. King stand out among the many other great blues artists. It's almost as if he is a ventriloquist.


I have never heard him described so simply and so well. Thank you, Ms. Fuentes


I saw an interview where they were talking about his life and music both and he seemed to be able to express himself more easily on guitar. Like that was his native language.

Dan M

Claudia Fuentes wow yes! The expressions on his face tells you he feels the music..every inch and detail..nook and cranny lol...he truly was the king of the blues... absolutely no doubt

TC Wimbley

Claudia Fuentes this is far better than any of the crap that's out there! And i am seriously putting forth an effort too make sure that my kiddos have a clue of not only B.B but a lot of other blues men and there music

Claudia Fuentes

@TC Wimbley
 I'm glad you've held on to the dear memories of your father in BB's music. One day I too want to pass this on to my kid. And hey! I'm only 25 but I was raised on blues, jazz, and disco haha!

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sabra fazende

how can someone not love this man>?? 

el kiote

@bigcatdaddy76016 maybe they're both jivin too

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