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Smoking like 5, 6, blunts in this bitch
My nigga jon rollin' up, smoking heavy
Shout my nigga jabari

I ain't been the same since my grandma passed
Damn, damn
Ma ain't been the same since my grandma passed
Damn, damn
She don't smoke weed to get high
Damn, damn
She only smoke dope cause her friends do it
Damn, damn
She don't give a fuck about no homework
She gon' pop that pussy but give me dome first
She pretend she love me until her throat hurt
We gon need some rubbers and some more work
We be screaming like our tv don't work
Her momma say to leave me before she disown her
I don't blame her either took her from the church
Now watch me burn it down while I soul search

Bet I, bet I, bet I burn it down
Now watch me, watch me burn it down
We be getting high
Acting like we ain't got problems

She only call me when she wanting to get high
Roll that weed, push them needles, slide them panties to the side
Off that shit we gon fuck through the night
Tight white skin just the right fit for the night
Take another sip if you'd like
Another mothafucking bong rip if you like
You ain't going home for the night
Put you in that seat to the right
Coming home with me for the night
And ima get you high
Take you places you ain't been
And never have to leave this spot
Melt here right here in the sky
And I can make it rain and watch it wash them sins away
So tell me, do you really feel lonely?
Waking up cold you be calling out to hold me
To make you feel whole just not so alone
Never let you go
And we never coming down
And you ain't got no home
So we ain't got no problems
If all we need is drugs then all you gotta do is call me
If all we need is love then why is hate is what surround me
Swallow all these down and let these problems melt and drown me
Just drown me, just drown me

She done flipped the pharmaceuticals
All I wanna kno is where you go
Powder shower, down on you
Know you sour, no sweets from you
Baby gon fuck till the night finish
She gone suck till the life in it
She probably gone bite till the blood hit it
Got some polaroid nudes put a knife in em
You a bad girl, bad habit
Bad girl, good finish
Bad girl, go get it
Read a bad girl like book, what?
She throw it, throw it back like a hook, what?
See I don't wanna tell em who I love no
She gonna hit me like a plug woah
All we gon do is fuck on the floor

Bad girl no
She so bad, she so bad, she so bad

She's a bad, bad girl, woah

Bitch came through you know what I'm saying?
She was bad as shit, she was bad as shit, man I'm telling you man
I'm telling you yo
She had that nice ass on her and shit
But listen, listen, listen, listen, listen
Listen, listen
Yoyoyo tellmetell listen listen
If she got that thing man i swear i think she got that jungle fever

Then I'm tarzan homie
If she bleeding, target
Yah I dropped my standards
My teachers aren't
Tryna flunk me down
They tryna hold me back
Fuck Kenan & Kel, man I ain't with all that
No I ain't fight this hard
Since my daddy put em up
I was hitting them trees in his big red truck
Came a long way from havin my shirt tucked
And I still don't give a fuck
And I still don't give, uh, no I don't
Duct tape on my jeans let it show
I'm a fuck up let em know
I'm sorry mama
Last time I cried was for my grandmama, could smell her like the flowers
Africana summer

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