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Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life
BTS Lyrics

오늘따라 림이 멀어보여 (멀어보여)
코트 위에 한숨이 고여 (한숨이 고여)
현실이 두려운 소년
공을 던질 때면 유일하게 맘이 되려 놓여 (되려 놓여)
홀로 던지는 공
림을 향해서 내가 던지는 건
수많은 고민과 삶의 걱정거리
세상을 아는 척 하지만
아직 설익은 몸

슛 코트가 나의 놀이터
손짓에 따라서 발 옆엔
작은 공이 튀어
성적은 바닥을 기지만 난 더 오히려
세상에 다 잘 될 거라며 괜시리 소리쳐
하지만 세상은 되려 겁줘
그럴 거면 멈춰
머리를 채운 상념
공 대신 미래를 던져
또 남들이 칠하는 별점과
성공의 기준에 결격
덕에 암처럼 퍼지는 걱정
God damn it

던져버린 공과 함께 퍼진 웃음
턱까지 차오른 이 숨은
꿈틀대는 꿈들
빨라지는 드리블 (드리블)
행복해지는 마음
이 순간은 영원할 듯
하지만 해지는 밤이
다시 찾아오면 좀 먹는 현실
정신을 차리면 또 겁먹은 병신 같은 내 모습에
자꾸만 또 겁이 나
덮쳐오는 현실감
남들은 앞서 달려 가는데 왜 난 아직 여기 있나
숨을 쉬어 숨을 쉬어
아니면 꿈을 꿔
지금 심장박동에 맞춰 다시 노를 저어
남들의 얄팍한 잣대에 갇혀 모른 척
하며 살다간 코트처럼
인생도 노을 져 (노을 져)

What am I doin' with my life
이 순간은 언제든 다시 찾아오지 않아
다시 나에게 되물어봐
지금 행복한가
그 답은 이미 정해졌어
난 행복하다

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Do Hyung Kwon, Yoon Gi Min

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Lorrany Carvalho

I may be wrong but.. I feel like, at the end, Yoongi is more questioning himself if he is really happy or no.
I feel like he says:
"I'm asking myself again, am I happy right now? / The answer is already there, I'm... happy?"
I guess he has the feeling that he fought a lot to get all he ever wanted but then, when achieved it all, he started questioning himself if it was really worth to exchange his youth for this (just like the lyrics says "This moment [youth] won't ever come again") because of course... they are humans before being idols, they get tired of things just like us.
This is probably his personal experience but wow.. it fits the concept so damn well.

I know a lot of people say this about Yoongi, but I just love the way he raps and the way he shows how passionate he is about everything. More than just earn money, he wants to tell us his story through his art.
Yoongi is really a singular person.

oh shit "what am i doing with my life?" its 4 AM i need to finish a report about electric machinery x.x

All comments from YouTube:

jon jun

Can we please talk about how passionately he raps here


@Yoonjin’s_ Sweetiepie It's not. That's what it looks like if you look at it superficially. I haven't looked into it that much, but now it seems like it's about the expectations society has in contrast to the passions he wants to pursue. Him being afraid of not being able to succeed in reaching his dreams, dreams that are very different from usual goals other people have. Basketball is so beautifully used as a metaphor in this song. Honestly there's too much to analyze from the lyrics to how the whole song is built up, it's hard to take in everything after listening a few times, but I can say there are definitely some important messages one should take away from it.


He always is


He always does in every rapping okay?

Alejandro Aguilar

From the Heart

Hrp Drp

@Yoonjin’s_ Sweetiepie look a little more into it and its also about the kpop industry and its impossible standards

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Stephanie Luu

Suga is really just a powerful rapper, it isn't that he was molded into this cast to rap "at a celebrity kpop level'' he really displays powerful lyrics, with just stressing emotions within his raps. It's obvious that his passion is explicit.



Erin Wilbur

But ur comment says something about Jung kooks forehead -


Stephanie Luu that's so true. The way he says it, puts meaning into the words. He makes them so powerful it's hard not to love it.

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