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I Miss You
by Badfinger

Though you've been gone for just a week
It waken me feel so sad to speak
Baby, come back
I miss you

And though before I didn't cry
Now my eyes are never dry
And a thousand jesters
Couldn't make me smile
I miss you, I miss you

And now I know that I was wrong
But it's too late for now you've gone
Baby, come back
I miss you

And though our times were good and bad
Now you're gone I'm always sad
And a thousand jesters
Couldn't make me smile
I miss you, I miss you
I miss you.


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We Miss You

Benjamin Blake Mitchner

I love Badfinger- one of the best bands ever formed, but it's hard for me to listen to them without thinking of what horribly tragic story their story is. Pete Ham and Tom Evans were geniuses who couldn't get proper help for their sufferings in those days and both committed suicide in one of the worst ways. Now Joey Molland is the only surviving member. Badfinger are amazing and I hope Pete and Tom are up there in heaven with all the other great ones we've lost.

googoo gjoob



Thank you for posting this. It makes me think about a very good friend of mine whom I have not heard from in weeks that I really miss a lot. It makes me sad because she's very sick and I don't know if I'll ever get to talk with her again.


Always loved this one!

Mike Walsh

I ALWAYS love the line ''and a thousand jesters, couldn't make me smile'' Pete was truly a genius and I still miss that guy, he has struck the inner chords of my soul. he and Tommy were made for each other, all they wanted to do was play, perform, record, and share their musical souls with the world.


I like the funeral sounding organ.
Wonder why it wasn't a hit¿

Daniel Hudelson

this one's held up quite well... wasn't so sure about it at the time.


sounds a bit like eric carmen here.

Mike Walsh

it funny how you mentioned that about Eric Carmen, because I read an interview about him one time and he mention how much he totally admired Pete Ham and the entire badfinger group altogether.

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