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Mood Swing
by Band Of Susans

He said the joke's on you
You think you're one of a kind
But you're all the same to me
You're so easy to find
He said open your eyes watch what I do
Why don't you just relax
I bet you'll like it too
You'll like it too

What is this pain
I can't explain
I see his face again
What's my name

They said what'd you expect
Why did you let him in
Don't you know boys will be boys
And men will be men
He didn't hurt you much
He's someone that you knew
It's a fact of life
There's nothing you can do

They say that I'm to blame
That I should feel ashamed
I see that face again
But things have changed

Now the joke's on them
They think they have me down
They think they're in control
And then I turn around
I let them get real close
So they can hear what I say
I whisper in their ear
Then I blow them away

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