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Big D And The Kids Table Lyrics

Well let's do this!
Go on and set it up!

Every time I think of you I really wanna blow chunks
Yah and every time I see you, yah I think I'm going nuts
Their catty stuck up ways, you know they make my life double tough
And the way you make me feel like a worthless fuck

Without them I know that I'm a better me
Can you hear me, can you hear me?
Without them I know I'm a better me
Can you hear me?

Stepping out to knock the walls of you down
Stepping out
Stepping out to knock the walls of you down
Knock them down

Oi, Yah
Break them down so I can be free
I'm gonna save whatever's left of me

Every time you see me, yah, you always make a silly fuss
So pumped that I ain't with you, yah, I always listen to my gut
I'm sorry that your life is boring, yah, sure it must be wicked tough
But man life is great now, I ain't your lap dog mutt

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Comments from YouTube:


This album is so good, it's like How It Goes and Goodluck. Even Stomp is pretty good.

Lyndon Campbell

I loved Fluent in Stroll but I have to admit, this totally kicks ass.


could u upload the whole cd pleeeeeeeeeease


Their best album by far

maichael 2nd



Reminds me of Good Luck more than anything.


100% agreed

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