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Big D And The Kids Table Lyrics

i must've started life with a checklist
i took the rules and broke 'em in two
i must've started life with a checklist
and the first was not giving in like you

you're burned out
asking which half is me

you don't have to dress up
it's not a fucking fashion show
you don't have to kiss up
i'm never going to go that low

my life's my book
it is the story of what i write

my life's mine
and no one said you could change what i write

my life
too late, too soon
my life
too late for you

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Comments from YouTube:

Jose Catez

It skips in my favorite part of the intro. big let down as that's my favorite part

Beers And Beats PDX

@rockylobster30 "A little grit" It skips a whole phrase.


Ahh bummer, just noticed that. Oh well. I suppose you could always repost it yourself with a better copy, and fix that issue. Personally, I didn't even notice it till now. A little grit never hurt, especially when you're listening for free anyway. After all, it's not a fuckin fashion show.

Dennis Chaves

I agree dude. Gypsy Hill is probably my favorite record of theirs. I stopped following them after How It Goes but apparently they're still around and rocking today

Positive Vibes

Good Luck and Gypsy were my favorites.  They've developed such a large following amongst their many different sounds over the years, that these days they do tours supporting specific albums of the please the old school fans as well as their newer fan base.  Awesome idea.  More bands should do that!  Still love'n ya Big D!!

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