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Bitch I'm Gone
Big Hoodoo Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Big Hoodoo:

Dark Side My reflection fades more in the mirror everyday, Dark clouds…
Never Had Day one, It started when they told my mom to push…
Psycho Love I love money and murder, She say she down with that…
The Yard I must make them pay For what they have done Stack them…

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Comments from YouTube:

Coma Black

I'm ready for a new Big Hoodoo album.

Juan Lennon's Fun house

@Coma Black I been listening on spotify but needs to bebon hete

Coma Black

@WASTELAND WARRIORZ665 Hell yeah! I've already ordered a physical copy. Hope Spotify will have it tonight till then.


Tonight it's dropping

Sadiztik Official

Awesome track! but I can’t wait for Hoodoo’s next album! Lol

Sadiztik Official

Juan Lennon's Fun house damn right it does! Lol I’ve been checking since it came out!

Juan Lennon's Fun house

Wait is officially over family but it needs to be on YouTube

Twin Devil Boyz

Damn I ain't known you a friend or fan of Big Hoodoo. I'm also looking into the future for the next album bro. This is our One More Reason To Live

UnderGround Waves

Sadiztik Official

MusicMoviesGames I’m not a big fan of Ouija, there are only a few songs of his that I can listen to repeatedly. I really like Lyte though. Lol I just wish they would do something with their other two artists rather than just focusing on their new ones.

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