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everything i wanted
Billie Eilish Lyrics

Everything I Wanted I had a dream I got everything I wanted Not what you'd…

Billie Eilish fan

I love this song ❤️♥️


I had a dream


There, It is i, yes

I fink personallee that wee wee die rash is referncing the great Martin lufer kin with this

wonderful analogy right at]th]

eht the very start of the song. And what a beautfiful one it ws! so many instruments and pineapples. It rally did
open up my minds 12th eye and as I voice crack into puberty, let me sing you out after reading

a very
hearfelt review.

Never gonna give you up

Never gonna gangnam style

Welcome to the nut zone

Only nut inside of squirrells homes

Pressure cook my delicious chickem.

Mail your mum pieces of my love for her.

Nutty bottom nutella

Stitch my wound shut.

Three little words,

Uh oh stinky.

Thnak you yes it was me
Kind regards,
¬And all of my love for eeryone ever


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