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The Milkman Of Human Kindness
Billy Bragg Lyrics

If you're lonely, I will call
If you're poorly, I will send poetry

I love you
I am the milkman of human kindness
I will leave an extra pint

If you're sleeping, I will wait
If your bed is wet, I will dry your tears

I love you
I am the milkman of human kindness
I will leave an extra pint

Hold my hand for me I'm waking up
Hold my hand for me I'm waking up
Hold my hand for me I'm making up
Won't you hold my hand - I'm making up

If you are falling, I'll put out my hands
If you feel bitter, I will understand

I love you
I am the milkman of human kindness
I will leave an extra pint

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Billy Bragg

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


I suspect there would be many youngsters who would ask "What is this 'milkman' of which you speak?"
You know the old joke(sic)
"My wife's just gone to Indonesia"
"No, she went by 747!"
I told this to a youngster working in a coffee shop. She looked bemused.
I said
"Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia!"
She replied "I know that. What's a 747?"
I'm old.

All comments from YouTube:

Nordic Cafe

So glad I've found this upload. I was 12 and watching music videos on late night tv. Taping stuff like the Cure, Thompson Twins, Grauzone.
So this song comes on. The exact performance as here. I'd never heard of Billy before. Everything about this made me stop and pay attention. The guitar, the chord changes, his accent, the lyrics, even his look. I was mesmerised. Instantly loved it.
Being so young I hadn't realised there was more to music than just throwaway pop and haircuts. I now saw there could be real depth.
Because it was the early 80s you had to hold onto moments like this. There was no instantly jumping online to find out more about the artist, or hear other songs. I asked people at school if they knew anything about this Billy Bragg from England. No they were all into Simple Minds and Duran.
So it was just me and that one tape. Must've watched it over 200 times. Copying the chords. Trying to figure out the lyrics. Not easy for a Swedish kid- milkman of human kindness didn't make any sense to me. Didn't matter it still seemed real and heartfelt. I wore that tape out, like what happens with VHS. It eventually became unplayable. When I couldn't play it anymore, I lost something more than just a short catchy song.

So seeing this again, for the first time in like, 35 years, I'm suddenly 12 again.
That's a good feeling.

Coach John

Thank you for sharing. I saw Billy open up for The Smiths in Toronto. (I'm from Liverpool originally but live in Canada now). There is such a unique, raw, direct, coarse authenticity to his art - it makes me interested in humans, there are many amazing ones, and BB is one of them. I'm glad you share that sentiment.


Beautiful comment!


Im born in barking like Billy and only coming cross this now. I listen to modern day versions like Jamie T and Hak Baker. Might be worth a listen to ya. X


It was my daughter's 9thd birthday today and all she wanted was that we played this song when she woke up and when she went to bed.

Michael vom Dorp

Wow - very nice comment !

Nikki Howe

Love this song - used to sing this softly, in the middle of the night, as I breastfed my babies 💗

Coach John

@FattyMateo why did you bring rudeness into a beautiful moment? Please don't.

Coach John

And they'll sing Tank Park Salute in your honor. (I know you're not "the Dad" but they'll still think of you sentimentality so y'know what I mean).
Please ignore the rude person who sent you a stupid comment.
Billy Bragg is a great artist and humanitarian- I'm glad you like.


No you didn't

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