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Arisen My Senses
Björk Lyrics

Just that kiss
Was all there is
Every cell in my body
Lined up for you
Legs a little open
Once again
Awaken my senses
Head topless
Arisen my senses! (Arisen my senses)

Just that kiss
Was all there is
My hands, my palms pulsating of
The things I want to do to you (the things)
(I want to do to you)

Just that kiss (just that kiss)
Is all there is (is all there is)
We're weaving a mix-tape
With every crossfade
For him I heed (Is WWW)
Songs from the
Warmth, once again (I'll send you some)
We're weaving a mix-tape
Weaving a mix-tape (with every)

For who I am
For, for, with love
With love (and)

Awaken my senses
I'll weave it
Just that kiss (awaken my senses)
Was all there is
Just that kiss (kiss, kiss) (arisen)
Was all there is (my senses, my senses)
Once again, just that kiss (arisen)
Was all there is (my senses)

For him I heed
Once again, I'm made to merge
For him I heed
We're made to merge (it's you)
For him I heed (I see)
For him I heed
For him I heed (am I keen or key or not too keen)
Too keen, to see, to be seen (am I keen or key or not too keen?)
With him I heed
He sees me for who I am (am I keen or not keen?)
For him I heed
To key, to see, to be seen (am I keen or not keen?)
With him, him (am I keen or not keen?)
He sees me for who I am (to key, to be?)

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Bjork Guomundsdottir, Alejandro Ghersi

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Comments from YouTube:


I've never seen that much sexuality without any sexuality. What a video.

Jozef Mak

the best replay. I mean d best, morons , what 'd expect u cant b surprised if u KNOW Bjork


It's a collection of sexuality.

Enrico Anderlini

It reminds me very much of the video "Kangaroo" from Ivo Watts-Russell's musical project "This Mortal Coil". But there was a languid Faun draped in soft light robes and adorned with blooming flowers, here the Queen of Wasps waits in her extraterrestrial throne for fullfillment, I do not understand well if a mating, a birth, or both.

Desi Danger McGee

not that she’s against vulgarity, she’s just a super elegant woman expressing what being a woman is to her!! SHES GENIUS


Simply Björk. Already way back, she had been able to show intimacey, without being vulgur.

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Large mass of convulsing tissue - check
Half naked sea weed bikini man - check
Bjork's wonderful melodic voice - check

Everything seems in working order here.

Prince Puja

And also, it's "Half naked sea weed bikini person" ;) (Arca is nonbinary)

Wow wow Lulu

Ky3 subscribe me


electricshirt yes

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