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Blackstreet Lyrics

One morning, I came across a star
Trying to find her way back home
As the day changed, it rained
And she said

[Shaquana Elam]
Just look into the water
There's no better place to be,uh huh
It will take you to that Blackstreet
Where things change
It's nothing bad, it's nothing better
Ohhh, Blackstreet

Take me there (Take me there)
Take me there (Take me there)
I wanna go, I've gotta go, I
Take me there (Take me there)
Take me there (Take me there)
Can you take me there?

Welcome to Blackstreet

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Comments from YouTube:

Kadeem Saxton

Finally I found this track

Matt Ro

Yes that's quana from tha rayne in the intro

Serenity Hansberry

My thoughts exactly!

Serenity Hansberry

I scratched up this CD so bad replaying the intro over and over

Vena Monterrey

Great song, my favorite group, regards from México

Fonk Master


Terri Davis

Here in 2020💜

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