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Til I Am Myself Again
by Blue Rodeo

I want to know where
My confidence went
One day it all disappeared
And I'm lying in a hotel room
Miles away
Voices next door in my ear

Daytime's a drag
Nighttime's worse
Hope that I can get home soon
But the half-finished bottles of inspiration
Lie like ghosts in my room

I wanna go
I know I can't stay
But I don't want to run
Feeling this way

Til I am myself
Til I am myself
Til I am myself again

There's a seat on the corner
I keep every night
Wait til the evening begins
I feel like a stranger
From another world
But at least I'm living again


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bong load

Be proud Canadians, of your
musical heritage. Because
it's special 🇨🇦. Gary from


@Warren F. : You'll be getting your own NHL team soon enough!

C.J Armstrong

@sean kelly fuck the USA, I want nothing to do with their Imperial nonsense

sean kelly

@C.J Armstrong I don`t know you personally so I can`t speak to your character...but your comment is, to say the least, offensive to our southern neighbors! I am a proud Canadian who values the bond that Canada has with our U.S. brothers and sisters! Both of our Native peoples have a shared history, uniting both countries! Our two nations have had each others backs on countless occasions, so I don`t understand the source of your venom!

C.J Armstrong

Shut up you filthy American

Phee Shankar

"" SEATTLE CITY OF CHAMPIONS "" LUV IT !!!! 🍻👍🍻🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦🍻👍🍻 !!!!

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Dagger Valley

84 people need a doctor to figure it out.

Greg Gary

Apparently it’s spreading... some actual social distancing may be required

Kip Palmateer

I am so glad I live in Buffalo, and have been listening to Blue Rodeo since the beginning. These guys are so good.

Jennifer Sadler

thank god my parents had good taste in music and I was raised on Blue Rodeo

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