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Angola 72/74
Bonga Lyrics

Mona Ki Ngi Xica Alukenn n'golafua N'ga mu binga kia Muene ondo kala beniaba …
Paxi Ni Ngongo Paxi ni ngongowe Nimaku ku ku muxima Paxi ni ngongowe Nimaku…
Sodade Quem mostra' bo esse caminho longe? Quem mostra' bo esse ca…


on Muadiakime

I'm looking for the translation, even in Portuguese, but ... Useless. So I've decided to study kimbundo. I'm just getting started.

Josselin Tonnel

on Kambuà

Hello, I'm french and I would to get the lyrics of this song and its translation in english if it isn't too much to ask it !!! Thank a lot for your support !!!