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Heaven On Earth
Boston Lyrics

Once I thought that life was easy
I thought love would be enough
Now I can't believe I'm on my own

I'm leaving on a jet plane
I'll wait in case you change you mind
You're all I can see when I'm all alone, ooh

Heaven on Earth (Couldn't we talk about it?)
I didn't know what to say
For what it's worth (I can't go on without it)
I never wanted to see you walk away

The sky is dark and angry
But I don't feel the rain
It's all the same, I miss your touch ... ooh

I feel like running somewhere
But I can't lose the pain I feel
I'm so far away, but I'm still in love, oh

Heaven on Earth (I can not live without it)
I didn't know what to say
For what it's worth (Now I just dream about it)
I never wanted to see you walk away

Are you looking for love? (Are you looking for love?)
Are you looking for love? (Are you looking for love?)
Are you even there?
I would come running from anywhere
Please say you won't give up

They tell me I'm no angel
But I've been waitin' long enough
We made it so far, I can't give up, ooh

Heaven on Earth
I didn't know what to say
For what it's worth
I never wanted to see you walk away

Hey, love should be enough
Oh, heaven on earth
Seems so easy
Heaven on earth, ooh

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: TOM SCHOLZ

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Comments from YouTube:

Randy Legend Allen

Great job, David Victor!!! Good Boston song!!!

gary scott

probably the best song on the new album but had tom used a real drummer this could have been even better

lenny moses

this is the only song i like on the new cd. sounds like old boston when the chorus kicks in

Isaac Wing

I saw them do this song live it was amazing 2017

Christopher Klingel

I don't usually go for replacement singers but this guy is amazing

Steve Trammell

I love it--imperfections and all. Good guitar chops, drums absent, good vocal work, and the melodies and harmonies you love and expect. Could be remixed to improve it, but I went ahead and paid more than I ever have to get any CD, so that I can have this one. That's how much I love this band.

James Reed

I remember sitting in the third row from the stage at the Third Stage tour in Phila Pa I've seen there first tour at a NJ University,  I've seen them 9 times and I have been a straight fan yet this new CD has me like what happened ??? Brad may be gone but Tom S is like hurt his head  this song sounds so much like true Boston yet sluggish  Life Love & Hope is a good tune too but Tom S Guitar is sleeping on this CD   He Is the Best  point  please release a new CD with 12 new song and Give Us Boston not Boston 2.0  these guys are hands down the best group live out there


Neil Miller

The drum track killed any chance this had of being a radio hit, which is surely what Tom Scholz hoped for. Great song though...but holy shit that drum sound is embarassing

Atma Weapon

It's not even a very good sounding drum machine. Great song, but surely Tom can afford better drum tones than that.

Shea Tiller

I wouldn't think he held hope for that in the modern era, but maybe.

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