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Industrial Sector 3083
Bourgeoisie Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Gustavo Valdivia

I feel machines, presses, smashing through metal, forming advanced electronic circuits. Thousands of machines in line under a colossal black roof and a black sky. Something out of the City of Machines from Matrix.


Guys, this is an insanely brilliant track. You have a knack for song writing and the "build"...DAT beat (and DAT snare)


Sounds HARDCORE. Genius Composer. Ten Stars.

Manny Pardo

1:37 And then the most awesome beat I've heard this year comes on

Eugenio Restrepo

@TWENNY show me mor examples boi. I mean more songs with exactly that preset pls


That part is literally a preset in a plugin called Sylenth 1. It's kinda overused at this point

oğuzhan aydın

trance tune

Sean _

Nah, the best part starts at 1:20


You mean 1:20 - 2:10 ? The part right after the robot voice is pretty cool too.

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I deliver pizza to this song 5 nights a week. You don't even know.

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