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Yawning Zeitgeist Intro
by Busdriver

Hello, I'm conducting a survey, and I have some questions to ask you, first off

Do you have a fear of a black tangent?
Were you born in the year of the rat?
Do you cheer and clap,
When weird rap bands commence?
I can tell by your answer you'll probably frolic with me in the foot hills
And that you want your tofu patty cooked, not grilled
But it doesn't matter, you've been enticed
And drawn in with my hook and reel

Oprah nods by novels
As you can see it sells very ("promenably") in Denver Colorodo

LOL Laugh out loud
You've never known hell so well
Until you've identified with a black crowd
It's a fear of a black tangent idiot
A public enemy spoof
Now some of your friends will reboot
The computer and do a google search
And be discouraged when they find out that the truth will hurt
When they see that I am not their zeitgiest
Nor am I christ-like
Nor do I dislike whites
I just want a better chance
Cause most likely I'll sell more records in France

Contributed by Keira K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.