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God Is Exalted
Carman Lyrics

God is exalted
God is exalted

I'm takin' off, off to a higher place
A higher level where the devil
Don't have power 'cause Christ be the King
In other words, this be a Jesus thing

So hold on tightly 'cause there just might be
Friction and turbulence, so grab a grip
And stop trippin' 'cause the devil want to see you
Slippin' in the darkness

Put on your wings, fly through the clouds
Our destination is Salvation
So make sure you check into the right location
And don't forget to get that first class reservation

Which be the blood of the Lamb
Jesus Christ is the captain in command
And with Christ as the captain we are sure to
Fly the friendly skies

God is exalted and Satan is defeated
Jesus Christ is Lord
God is exalted and Satan is defeated
Jesus Christ is Lord

Watch out, there's a storm ahead
We're hittin' the air pockets, but just like rockets
We're breakin' free spiritually
A three point landing guaranteed

Stay buckled to the Word of God
It keeps is strong, away from wrong
Uppity, uppity up where we belong
So off we go

But now you all see the R.I.O.T. posse
Ain't gonna crash like a kamikaze
So let's keep flying to the sky and
Don't listen to the devil 'cause he be lyin'

God is exalted and Satan is defeated
Jesus Christ is Lord
God is exalted and Satan is defeated
Jesus Christ is Lord

He's exalted
God's exalted
He's exalted
God's exalted

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Comments from YouTube:

MasterQ 19

I was kind of obsessed with Carman back in the 90's.

Vicki Woods

Way Before The 90's

Shadow Dweller-Ps. 91:1

Me too. Him and DC Talk.


Dude I used to slap pussy in the skating rink to this shit

Brittnee Broussard

Yes carmans music never gets old no matter how old u get

Tiffany Morgan

I wasn't "kind of" obsessed with Carman, I was COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Carman in the 90s up until now

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Country Man

I've listened to Carman since I was a kid!!! The best singer and Anointed singer!!


Turbulence in the area. Watch out theres a storm ahead. Stay buckled to the Word of God. It keeps us strong away from wrong. In order to avoid the choppy weather we'll be climbing to a much higher altitude where we know the air is smooth. You'll like it better up there. Thank you. LOVE THIS VIDEO. GOLD NUGGETS OF TRUTH. AWESOME

Mike Struble

God is exalted indeed.

Josh Mc Manus

i love this song it pumps me up everyday

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