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Naked Stories

and I really really hoped it wouldn't end.


@Dennis Reynolds no i dont think so actually. I thought about Purgatory too when i saw the movie, but i think Ray wen there to Purgatory - Bruges - and was tested. And the Woman in the Hotel was an Angel watching him and i think in the end Ray reflected on his sins and when he dies he went to heaven. Remeber how the hotel lady smiled at him when he was getting carried away? Why would she do that? I think Ray got to heaven in the end, at least i hope so.


@Dennis Reynolds That is the best theory about this movie so far

Edriss Scofield

God I hate theories like that. Purgatory? Shame on you, Dennis. Fuck that nonsense, it's more powerful just being a straight-forward story, I prefer what Charlotte S said

Astaphaios B

@Dennis Reynolds i love this idea (plus am super late) but i don't think this theory works with the grounded yet dreamlike juxtapose the film is trying to convey. it is ultimately a film about consequence -- and as much as ray wanted it all to end, he was not like harry or ken, he did not have the honour system in himself to do such a thing.

Dennis Reynolds

It never ended for poor Ray. He's stuck in Purgatory. My theory is that he killed himself after he saw the little boy, and that everything in Bruges is a Groundhog
Day-esque loop. That's the vibe that I got from the film, it all felt like a constant looping dream, and while he may never remember his ending, he always wakes up in Bruges with a sense of dread.

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Skipper The Eye Child

One of the greatest movies of all time. Amazing script, amazing performances, awesome visuals. It's like a fucking fairytale.

The Tristan Chord Accordingly

It's brilliant

Aleksej Ivanović

..or something.

Alex Tanner

So good lmao

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