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Red Guitar
Cassandra Wilson Lyrics

Wash my face with blue water
Lay my head on white linens
Morning comes, drink black coffee
Then i play my song on red guitar

Take my flight through blue heavens
Walk my path in green gardens
Drive my car on black highway
Then I play my song on red guitar

*Everyday the colors come and dance for me
Every night they fade and disappear
We are merely shadows floating in this world
We got nothing to lose, we got nothing to fear
oh no, no...*

Drink my wine from pink glasses
Take the stage with purple princes
Love my man, yellow roses
Then i play my song on red guitar
I play my song on red guitar
Play my song on red guitar

Contributed by Aiden V. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


this has been on repeat for four consecutive days ... so so good. she's got it. respect!

Elelloang Lesei

I love it looking forward to listening the whole albums!!

Ernie Florence

Cassandra Wilson is one of my favorites!!!!! This song is another winner!!!! Beautiful!


i played this song today as solo guitar :) it was great

Fernando Castaño

Hermosa cancion!!

Ray Sherlock

great, as usual from Cassandra!


she's amazing.

Colin Barley

Love this!


My, my, my! Just lovely!

claude gouriou

Marvelous song from a beautiful and talentuous artist.

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