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Catch 22 Lyrics


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Stan Current

Thanks for posting this.

Mike Nichols had an ingenious, iconic way of filming that brings us into the intensity of war with planes taking off on another mission, too many of whom didn't return.

The Italian campaign had a near 50% casualty rate. It's a perfect setting for the madness of war and the Catch-22.

Sending young men off on too many missions, some of which were not strategic targets, caused unnecessary deaths in the air and on the ground.

Captain Yosarian summed it up with a not-so subtle gesture.

The blocking of the Sun from the dust caused by prop wash is subtle, but very symbolic of Man losing his Mind. Those who've lost the Sun know how serious it is, like Capt. Yosarian.

Jung saw a lot of this as a combat psychiatrist in neutral Switzerland, caring for US, UK, French and German soldiers.

We're losing many of our soldiers to suicide from our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I know from having worked with many combat veterans in sport settings to get the trauma of war out instead of suppressing it with too much medication.

It helps ease the sudden flashbacks, midnight memories and nightmares.

Making peace with the enemy and cruel, commanding officers, played brilliantly by Orson Welles, is the ultimate task.

For all our veterans who are suffering and may read this post, please don't go it alone. It usually takes someone to help us out of it.

It did for me.

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chris anthony

probably one of the most beautiful aviation scenes ever shot! Props grabbing the air, planes responding so vividly to the rudders, warbird colors and art.. it's all there! Thank you so much for uploading this!!!

Adrian Johnson

I know nothing about flying, however this scene makes it heart wrenchingly evident the art, as well as the technology, of flying; and the fragility, as well as the power of these magnificent machines, and the men who flew them.

william vasilakis

Chris. I am with you on that. I love the wind up at the begining and those wright cyclones or Pratt and whitneys kick starting up. Sounds amazing.

James Collinson

Flight scenes, beautiful. Most of the rest of the movie is crap.

Theropod Hunter

Agreed, also "A Bridge too Far."

chris anthony

I bet i've watched this take off several dozen times, and STILL get goose bumps!!!


This scene is just as impressive as the mass launch of the C-47's in the movie, "A Bridge Too Far". You just can't beat the sound of big, radial engines at full power, taking off and flying over head. Too bad this scene wasn't longer, I could watch this all day.


The Mitchell rattles your teeth!


One of the best airplane takeoff scenes in war movie history! All those B-25s were fully functional!


This is still considered one of the most dangerous stunts in hollywood aviation. If one had aborted there would have been a pile up.

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