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Feral Love
Chelsea Wolfe Lyrics

Run from the light
Your eyes, black like an animal
Deep in the wander
And care for no one but the offspring of your might
Run from the one who comes to find you
Wait for the night that comes to hide
Your eyes black like an animal
Black like an animal
Crossing the water
Lead them to die
We press for the water, press for the river, press for the rain
We press for the water, press for the river, press for the pain


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Comments from YouTube:

Dora Robertson

Like a really goth L'Oreal commercial.


Maybe it's her, maybe its murderlyne

Big cat

Testing on animals to make their products is pretty hardcore. This video gives similar feel to it

Maria Rosa Dias

@Dora Robertson 🤣🤣🤣 good onde, girl!! 🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏❤️ You rock, baby!!! 🤣🤣🤣


Chelsea is pretty black metal, for a non-black metal artist.

Nocturnal Flare

She likes Gorgoroth, Ildjarn and Celtic Frost to name a few, and also did a Burzum cover 🖤

Mourning Woodward

Chelsea Wolfe is largely a neofolk artist. There’s definite industrial, darkwave and post-punk influences in most of her music, as well as the aforementioned sludge and doom metal influences, but she is more like Death In June than Bathory in the end.

Like most black metal musicians, CW uses a lot of icy hostile atmosphere and a litany of pagan symbolism in her music. She herself is definitely a fan of this kind of heavy music, given her own covers of intense artists like Burzum, Rudimentary Peni and Nick Cave.


She loves black metal

Ramon Machado

She sounds like darkwave for me than black metal.

Second Coming Of Bast

This isn't black metal. More Goth with some industrial undertones, maybe.

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