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Suite bergamasque: Clair de lune
Claude Debussy Lyrics


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lewis fonseca

how can someone dislike this masterpiece?


Is anyone Alive?
I'm Lim :) from future
It's 2023
I'm 14 and it feels nostalgic

It's 3:14 am I'm studying for my finals
Now I'm in 5 minutes break I'm listening this cuz it calms me down:)


We don't

It takes me to a place I've never been
It feels like out of the galaxy


automatic dislikes


Some people lack a soul.

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egirlhobi level 1

Okay so for DAYS this tune has been stuck in my head. I didnt know where i heard it from, didnt know what it was called, all i knew was that it was a piano piece i've never heard. So i spent a whole day listening to piano pieces from many different pianists with only 3 seconds of the song in my head and when i heard this i was like "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" now this tune helps me calm down and relax.

Elif Babacan

same it happend to me too

Sissy Dourdoureka

I went through the same "adventure" while watching "Maestro" in Netflix!


@YukonJack HEHEHEHEHE!!! 🤣


@agioni99 I hotbox myself daily. It's a real bonding experience.

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