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by CocoRosie

Tiny spirit in a k-hole
Bloated like soggy cereal
God will come and wash away
Our tattoos and all the cocaine
And all of the aborted babies
Will turn into little bambies

Wounded river push along
Searching for that desert song
And mozart's requiem will play
On tiny spearkers made of clay
Tell my mother that i love her
Martin luther you're an angel

Charming monkey saunter swagger
Drunken donkey limbs disjointed
Your chest is a petting zoo
Mexican pony fucked up shoes
I dreamt one thousand basketball courts
Nothing holier than sports

Dragonfly kiss your tail
Precious robot built so frail
Universe of milk and ember
Your hot kiss in mid december
What's god name i can't remember
Trough the crack eye lovely weather


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For how long I have been a fan, and how many songs I love, I always seem to come back to this song.


I once took K and had to ride in the trunk of a car to a party. I entered a K-hole while I was in the trunk, and it sounded like this.

Tom Cormier

I often practice k'hole-in-a-car ; passenger seat obviously ; and it's the most intense experience

Psychedelicmindz :

Sir your short story made me laugh 5 years on

Sierra Wilkinson

you sound like you're on a nice ride there

Blogwipe Wipeblog

taking K is pointing your soul down a K-line, into a K-hole, where the emergent Kreatures live, Katastrophically Kosmic. Uh-huh-huh



Jean dèrfeuque

where's the ketamine?

Tomi Connelly

@Jacky LaMouette They must know a good vet ;-)

dakota root_

makes me think of hypodermic sally from ahs hotel

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