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Old Times Sake
Collie Buddz Lyrics

'Igh vibes
Na, na, now, yeah I woahh yeah yah na na now
Na, na, now, yeah I woahhhhhhhhh

Woppened Girl what ya doin tonight?
Memories of you on mi bedside
'Memba di times make you feel alright
Good tings once gon' again we come collide
So girl whatchya doin all alone tonight
You could be right 'ere pon mi bedside
Relax and cool while mi dim de lights an make ya feel alright yeah na, na, now

Verse 1
Mi love ya shape girl
The way ya move ya curves got mi weak unda ya spell
Mmm, an ya nah fake girl
Say whateva deh pon ya min' if ya feel compelled
Plus! Di vibes you create girl
Are not somtin all di crop no drug could ever duplicate
Mi opened up the gate girl
So come pass thru fi all time sake well na, na, now


Verse 2
Lets take it slow girl
Bus' 'er back [?] fuck on mi yacht ya gone
Yes I know girl
It seemed kinda different still b'ca it's been so long
So just go wit di flow girl
An' mos' di time dep on di sign make mi tun pon it long
Ya call mi 'pon di phone girl
And tell mi say ya all alone
So make mi tell ya now


Verse 1


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Comments from YouTube:

Jay Hartshorn

Epic. My Favourite artist by far. Keep the banging tunes coming. Love from England ❀️ god bless.

Rod Koehler

Too bad Collie can't collect all these loose tracks and put them on one album.

Lee Gasson

listing to this for old times sake.

mahooana leisanyane

best collie budz' track by FAR

Ruel Cruz

well said


If You TRULY understand this song you my kine person, UNLESS U live, or Spend MUCH TIME in HEAVEN on Earfth, The WEST-INDES, U Nevah know of what Collin speaks in this SAD LOVE STORY... JAH BLESS πŸ™πŸΎ. 🌳πŸ”₯πŸ’¨. STAY LIFTED ALWAYZ ☺️😏☝🏽. YAHWEH 🀴🏾KING OF KINGS πŸ‘‘

Ramo Khan

Hearing this 10 years later..still fresh

True Lou

boom ting


One more listen, for old times sake

GC Monkey

Mi love you shape girl

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