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by Crimson Blue

Leave me here
Lying in between blind and motionless
Cold... My heart has gone astray again
Days go by
And still I cannot reach your mind

So... Here it ends
Where only sound of trees wandering through the land
Oh, Lord... How could I follow you?
I reached for you a million times
But still I cannot reach your heart

Like a daydream to escape my aching memory
Like a stranger passing by who just won't wait
Like a lifetime that's so long to feel

Why we always move in circles
Biding our time

Between the idea and the reality
Between the emotion and the act
Falls a shadow

Between the desire and the spasm
Berween the potency and the existence
Between the essence and the descent
Falls a shadow

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Mauro Vallejo

malisimo.  Estos van a ser telorenos de Tarja Turunen ? ......................................

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